About Us

About Us

LostSpot is designed to significantly decrease your organization’s workload – increase your service capabilities while improving customer success at the same time!Once the lost or found items are submitted and placed into our matching system, we intelligently help find and locate the misplaced goods and who has them.

  • Storing or holding onto lost or misplaced items can cause a number of issues
  • Minimize Return Time
  • Available online 24/7
Our Mission

Is to determine the issue which commonly present in our community and trying to address them. Also looking for the possible solution on this aspect.

Our Plan

To impliment the possibilities we got from different senerios and create ease in everyone's life. Also keep the things up-to-date for future callenges

Our Vision

Empower the community and make them alike to help each other by understanding their needs. Since It's the best way to serve the community to make the life easy.


Check our Team

Salman Ahmad

Aqdus Ilyas

Muhammad Talha

Syed Jawad